Court Code

Labour law — Labour Act 11 of 2007, s 76(3)(a) — Interpretation of — Meaning of “require”- to be given its ordinary grammatical meaning - does not include a prohibition on an employer permitting or allowing a non-striking employee who volunteers to do the work of a striking employee during a str

Labour law – Appeal – Against arbitrator’s compensation award – Right of appeal restricted to questions of law only – Court to determine as a question of law whether on the evidence presented a quo,  that no reasonable arbitrator could make such finding – Labour Act, 11 of 2007 section 89(1)

Labour Law – Labour Appeal – Appeal Against Arbitrator’s Award – finding of constructive dismissal by the arbitrator – arbitrator going beyond the scope of future loss of income – awarded 10 years of future loss of income – employer appealed – appeal succeeds.


Labour law Payment of benefits to employees of local authorities - Section 27(1)