Kamwi v Standard Bank Namibia Limited (A 101/2011) NAHCMD 316 (05 October 2018);


Full judgment

The order:

Having heard Mr Kamwi, the applicant in person, and having read the documents filed of record:


1.    Leave to appeal is hereby granted.

2.    The costs of this application shall be costs in the appeal.

Reasons for order:

1.    The issue of costs in litigation in which the applicant personally appears, appears to be of substantial importance to his business and/or professional pursuit.

2.    It is substantially important that the Taxing Master of this Court receives an unequivocal pronouncement from the Supreme Court, about costs in the form of fees, if any, and the type of disbursements a litigant, in the position of the applicant, would be entitled to recover.

3.    It is therefore considered that there are reasonable prospect that another court might come to a different conclusion with regard to the disbursements which the applicant is entitled to.

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