Court name
Northern Local Division
Case name
S v Timoteus
Media neutral citation
[2019] NAHCNLD 74
January J
Salionga J

The order:

1.       The conviction of a contravention of section 2(b) of Act 41 of 1971- Possession of cannabis is confirmed;

2.       The sentence of  2 years direct imprisonment of which 6 months are suspended for a period of 3 years on              condition that you are convicted as charged during the period of suspension is set aside and substituted;

3.       The accused is sentenced to 2 years imprisonment of which 6 months imprisonment is suspended for 3                  years on condition that the accused is not convicted for a contravention of section 2(b) of Act 41 of 1971                committed during the period of suspension-Possession of cannabis.

Reasons for order:

1.       The condition of suspension reflects correct in the record of proceedings but is incorrect on the review                    coversheet and J15 charge sheet.



                       H C JANUARY    


                          J T SALIONGA