Court Code

Labour Appeal — Labour Act 11 of 2007 — Appeal against the decision of the Arbitrator — prescription in terms of section 86(2)(b) — no order as to costs — the appeal is dismissed.


Labour Law – Labour Court Rules – non-compliance therewith – effect of failure to file an answering affidavit or a notice to raise points of law – whether an applicant for condonation is required to comply with the provisions of rule 32(9) and (10) of the High Court Rules.

Labour Appeal – Labour Act 11 of 2007 – Appeal against refusal to rescind award by the arbitrator

Practice — Judgments and orders — Interpretation of order — Order relating to retirement of member of professional practice and payment of his member's interest in practice.

Labour Law – Appeal against an arbitration award – Reinstatement – Compensation.

Labour Law - Rules of the Labour Court - for the court to consider the merits of an application for the reinstatement of an appeal, the court must first determine and grant condonation, where such appeal lapsed.

Labour Law - Labour Appeal – s 86(2)(a) of the Labour Act (No. 11 of 2007) – Applicability of rule 132 of the High Court Rules.