Court Code

This is an appeal against convictions and sentences by the appellants on one count of high treason, nine counts of murder and ninety-one counts of attempted murder. State had filed a notice of appeal against convictions and a notice to cross-appeal against the sentences imposed by the court a quo but later abandoned the appeal against convictions.


A preservation of property order expires 120 days after the date on which notice of the making of the order is published in the Government Gazette unless there is an application for forfeiture of property pending before the High Court.


The respondent Mr Aggrey Simasiku Mwamba, together with 125 accused persons were arrested and charged in the High Court of Namibia, with the crimes of high treason, murder, attempted murder and several other crimes and offences.

The matter before the court a quo is an application to review and set aside a decision made by the Minister in the form of Government Notices in 2017, these Notices intended to give effect to sections 39, 40, 43, and 47 of the Namibia National Reinsurance Act 22 of 1998. The respondents sought to set aside the notices as well as all decisions underpinning the notices.