Constitutional Law - Citizenship by descent - Article 4(2) - Eligibility of a child born through surrogacy to be issued citizenship by descent - The parent of the child should be a Namibian citizen at the time of the child's birth - Purposive interpretation of the Namibian Constitution to be made - Article 144 Namibian Constitution - Binding nature of international agreements to which Namibia is a State Party - inapplicability of the Child Care Protection Act, 2015 to issues of citizenship.

Constitutional Law – Human Rights – Right to legal representation – Fundamental right – Right not absolute – Imposing limits only in exceptional circumstances – where reasonable to limit such rights.

Constitutional Law – Human Rights – Right to fair trial – Article 12 (1) (e) Namibia Constitution – Accused to be afforded time and necessary facilities - Facilities including disclosure  to witness statements and other documentary evidence – Such right essential to a fair trial – Court’s failure to order state to provide disclosure – Amounts to ignorance of notions of justice and basic fairness.