Most Recent Judgments

Civil ­– action proceedings – application for leave to file additional expert witness statement – witness to be declared as expert in terms of rule 29 ­­– witness to be called as expert in terms of rule 93(5) – variation of order

Criminal Procedure – Sentence – Rape contravening s 2(1)(a) Act 8 of 2000 – Abduction – Factors to be considered – Personal circumstances of offender – Seriousness of offences – Interest of society – Aggravating circumstances by far overshadowed personal circumstances of the accused.

Criminal Procedure – Bail – Appeal against refusal by magistrate to admit appellant to bail - In defence appellant gave a bare denial – Onus not discharged by appellant – Evidence of state – Analysis when asking whether prima facie case shown – Various factors to be taken into account – Not in the interest of public and of administration of justice to permit appellant to bail - Appeal dismissed.

Motion proceedings - provisional liquidation of CC - Applicant relies on section 68(1)(c) of the Close Corporations Act 26 of 1988 - respondent unable to pay its debts - applicant failed to show indebtedness - that responde

Practice - application for absolution from the instance - claim for rental arrears - damage to property - ejectment from property - counterclaim - special plea of locus standi and prescription raised by plaintiff - special plea of prescription on first counterclaim upheld - first defendant has no right, title or in

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