National Coat of Arms of the Republic of Namibia Act, 1990

Coat of Arms

National Coat of Arms of the Republic of Namibia Act, 1990

Act 1 of 1990

ACTTo determine a National Coat of Arms for the Republic of Namibia; and to provide for incidental matters.BE IT ENACTED by the National Assembly of the Republic of Namibia, as follows:-

1. Definition

In this Act, unless the context indicates otherwise -Coat of Arms” means the National Coat of Arms of the Republic of Namibia referred to in section 2.

2. Coat of Arms

The National Coat of Arms of the Republic of Namibia shall be the heraldic device of which the blazon is set out in the Schedule.

3. Use and display of Coat of Arms

(1)No person shall, without the prior written approval of the President or any person designated by the President for such purpose, use or display the Coat of Arms or any depiction so closely resembling the Coat of Arms as to be likely to cause confusion, in connection with his trade, business, profession or occupation, or in connection with any mark or description applied by him to or in relation to goods made, produced or sold by him.
(2)In granting permission under subsection (1), the President or person designated by him, may impose such conditions as he may deem fit.

4. Offences and penalties

(1)Any person who contravenes the provisions of section 3, or who commits an act which displays contempt for the Coat of Arms or which is likely to hold it up to ridicule, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding R10 000 or in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 5 years or to both such fine and such imprisonment.
(2)A court which convicts a person under subsection (1) may, in addition to the imposition of any penalty under that subsection, order the confiscation to the State of all or any part of the goods in respect of which the offence was committed.

5. Short title

This Act shall be called the National Coat of Arms of the Republic of Namibia Act, 1990.



Arms: Tierced per bend sinister, Anure, Argent and Vert, a bend sinister Gules, and in dexter chief a sun with twelve straight rays Or, charged with an annulet Azure.[The word “Anure” should be “Azure”.]Crest: Upon a traditional head-ring Vert charged with six lozenges conjoined Or, a Fish Eagle rising, wings elevated and displayed, proper.Supporters: Two Oryx proper.Compartment: A Namib sand-dune with a Welwitschia mirabilis in the foreground, proper.Motto: UNITY LIBERTY JUSTICE
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History of this document

28 March 1990 this version
27 March 1990
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