Departure Regulations, 1994

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Departure from Namibia Regulation Act, 1955

Departure Regulations, 1994

Government Notice 136 of 1994

  • Published in Government Gazette 895 on 29 July 1994
  • Commenced on 29 July 1994
  • [This is the version of this document at 15 November 2017.]
  • [Note: The version of this legislation as at 15 November 2017 was revised and consolidated by the Legal Assistance Centre and the Government of the Republic of Namibia. All subsequent amendments have been researched and applied by Laws.Africa for NamibLII.]
The Government Notice which issues these regulations repeals the regulations published in RSA GN R.827/ amended by

Government Notice 243 of 2013 (GG 5284) came into force on date of publication: 16 September 2013

1. Interpretation

In these regulations, unless the context otherwise indicates, an expression in the Act has a corresponding meaning, and-conveyance” includes any vehicle, train, aircraft or ship;Immigration Control Act” means the Immigration Control Act, 1993 (Act 7 of 1993);immigration officer” means an immigration officer defined in the Immigration Control Act;port” means a port defined in the Immigration Control Act; andthe Act” means the Departure from Namibia Regulation Act, 1955 (Act 34 of 1955).

2. Departure from Namibia

A person wishing to enter into or depart from Namibia, excluding a person referred to in paragraph (b) of section 2 of the Act, shall at a port, listed in Annexure “B”, present himself or herself to an immigration officer on duty at such port.[regulation 2 substituted by GN 243/2013]


A person referred to in regulation 2 shall, when presenting himself or herself to an immigration officer as contemplated in that regulation-
(a)submit his or her passport or permit, as the case may be, to the immigration officer referred to in regulation 2;
(b)at the request of such immigration officer, complete and sign a departure form substantially in the form of the Annexure; and
(c)allow such immigration officer to examine his or her luggage or the conveyance in which he or she is travelling.

4. Powers of Immigration Officer

An immigration officer may-
(a)refuse to allow any person who-
(i)is not in possession of a valid passport or permit issued or endorsed for such purpose; or
(ii)refuses to comply with the provisions of regulation 3, or fails to comply therewith to the satisfaction of such immigration officer,
to depart from Namibia; or
(b)seize any passport, permit or other document, if-
(i)he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that such passport, permit or document has been obtained by any fraudulent act or false representation, or is a forgery;
(ii)the passport, permit or document has been defaced or mutilated to such an extent that it, or any part thereof, is illegible;
(iii)any amendment or endorsement has been made to, or inserted in, the passport, permit or document by any person other than an official duly authorized to do so,
and may transmit such passport, permit or document to the authority which issued it or on behalf of which it was so issued.

5. Penalties

Any person who contravenes, or fails to comply with, the provisions of regulation 2 or 3 of these regulations shall be guilty of an offence and on conviction be liable to the fines prescribed by section 8(1)(c) of the Act.



[The unlabelled annexure is re-named “Annexure A” by GN 243/2013, which states “The Annexure to the Regulations is amended by inserting the letter ‘A’ after the word ‘Annexure’.” However the word “Annexure” did not appear as a heading in the original regulations. This amendment has been interpreted to mean that the words “Annexure A” are to be inserted at the top of the original annexure. Annexure B is inserted by GN 243/2013.][Editorial note: The forms have not been reproduced.]

ANNEXURE B (Regulation 2)


[Annexure B is inserted by GN 243/2013.]

Southern Region

1.Keetmanshoop airport
2.Noordoewer border post
3.Ariamsvlei border post
4.Oranjemund airport
5.Oranjemund border post
6.Klein Manasse border post
7.Veloorsdrift border post
8.Lüderitz airport
9.Lüderitz harbour
10.Mata-Mata border post
11.Senderlings Drift border post

Central Regions

1.Hosea Kutako International Airport
2.Eros Airport
3.TransKalahari border post
4.Gobabis Airport
5.Walvis Bay harbour
6.Walvis Bay Airport

Northern Regions

1.Ondangwa Airport
2.Oshikango border post
3.Omahenene border post
4.Ruacana border post

North East Regions

1.Dobe border post
2.Grootfontein Airport
3.Rundu Airport
4.Sarasungu border post
5.Nkurenkuru border post
6.Katwitwi border post
7.Mohembo border post
8.Mpacha Airport
9.Wenela border post
10.Ngoma border post
11.Impalila island
12.Kasika island
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