Purity Manganese (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Mines and Energy and Others Global Industrial Development (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Mines and Energy and Another (PA 4 of 2007) [2009] NAHC 132 (19 January 2009)

Case summary

This was a consolidated case where the court dealt with the issue of delay in instituting a review of the decision of the Minister of Mines and Energy to refuse the renewal of an Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL). 

The court considered the issue of delay and not the merits of the refusal to renew the licence. The court applied the rule in Disposable Medical Products v Tender Board of Namibia 1997 NR 129 HC where the court held that an inquiry to determine ‘reasonableness’ should be factual and the court can only exercise its discretion after making a conclusion that the delay was unreasonable. The court also considered the scope and object of the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining) Act, No 33 of 1992 with regard to compliance with specific timelines. 

The court held that the delays occasioned by the applicants were unreasonable and the explanations in both applications were unsatisfactory for the court to apply its discretion. Accordingly, both applications were dismissed with costs.

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